Hassan Whiteside is not only one of the NBA’s most polarizing players for his play on the court, but off it as well with his impending Free Agency among the most intriguing stories out there.

“The Whiteside thing is going to get really uncomfortable for Miami right away,” ESPN’s Marc Stein said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “Dallas is gonna offer him the max immediately. You hear Lakers, very interested. Whiteside is another player Portland has been linked to. He’s gonna have a max offer and maybe multiple max offers on the first day of Free Agency and Miami has to make a decision, do we pull out of the Durant sweepstakes to keep Whiteside or not?”

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Le Batard thinks there’s “no chance” Miami prematurely backs out of the Durant chase to lock up Whiteside.

“I think they just let Whiteside go,” Stein said. “Pat Riley is not gonna pull out of the Durant sweepstakes when he at this point has the last audience and the last word to give Hassan Whiteside $100 million. I don’t see it.”

Stein then rattled off some predictions for landing spots for the top free agents, which will surely make Miami fans recoil in disgust.

Kevin Durant: Golden State.

Dwight Howard: Atlanta

Al Horford: Detroit

Hassan Whiteside: Dallas

Dwyane Wade: Miami

Demar Derozan: Toronto

Mike Conley: Memphis

Buckle up.