Hours until NBA Free Agency officially opens and we’re beginning to see more clarity regarding Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, and how both relate to the Miami Heat, via two locked-in ESPN insiders.

“I think their best chance for Kevin Durant is in 2017,” Brian Windhorst said on Zach Lowe’s podcast, “and I think that there’s a possibility that this pitch is really Riley laying the foundation for next year. I don’t know if the Heat can look Kevin Durant in the eye and say Chris Bosh will be on the court for opening night.

“Now in the next 72 hours we may find out that Chris Bosh is a okay and that he’s sitting in the Hamptons this weekend and he’s fine and kumbaya — they’re gonna be the greatest pick and roll team in history but I just don’t think that’s gonna be the case. So until theres clarity with Chris Bosh I don’t see how Durant can honestly consider them. I think Durant would love to have a legitimate East team that’s as prepared to receive him as San Antonio and Golden State are. That team doesn’t really exist and miami would be that team maybe but Bosh is the question mark… Now if there’s any team in the league that can handle it it’s Miami. I mean trust me, Andy Elisburg is one of the best minds out there. I thought he should of maybe won exec of the year this year.

Meanwhile Lowe says the Heat absolutely “want Hassan Whiteside” and “they’re gonna fight for Hassan Whiteside. The ESPN columnist also talked of how the Heat was scrambling to set up a meeting with him today in advance of Free Agency officially opening.

Big moves coming?