Miami is getting antsy as Dwyane Wade sits on his offer from the Miami Heat of two years and $40 million.

Rumors trickled out late last night that Wade was headed to Cleveland on Dan Gilbert’s private jet to work out a potential deal with the Cavaliers.

But ESPN insider Chris Broussard isn’t biting.

“Wade wants to get his money,” Chris Broussard said on ESPN Cleveland’s The Really Big Show Tuesday morning. “Miami’s now offering him two years 40 million. He now wants to get at least a third year or two years and more money. You guys don’t have that type of room unless LeBron almost plays for the minimum.

“That’s all a pipe dream.”

Enerbee-Bottle-WF-124x300While Broussard has been wrong many, many times before I think he’s spot-on with Wade here. This is a leverage play.

Wade to Cleveland doesn’t make sense from a basketball standpoint (they already have two better ball-dominant scorers and need shooting, an area where Wade is lacking) and a money perspective (he won’t get anywhere near the $20 million a year Miami is offering).

This feels a lot like Wade’s agent trying to dig a little deeper into Micky Arison’s pockets than teaming up With LeBron James again at a steeeeep discount. Will they call his bluff? They absolutely should.