Dwyane Wade pulled the cord on his Miami Heat tenure last night, a relationship I think is better off going the divorce route.

Ethan Skonick today provided some interesting nuggets on Wade’s end after the news broke.

Enerbee-Bottle-WF-124x300“When the news came out last night I did send a message to Dwyane: ‘done?’ and his text back to me was: ‘they didn’t even fight’ and I think that’s really the story here to be honest,” Skolnick said on the Ethan Skolnick Show with Chris Wittygham on 790 the Ticket. “And we can talk about whether Dwyane should still be with the Heat, whether the Heat should’ve gone to three years, whether the Heat should’ve figured out a way to dump Josh McRoberts with a pack of milk duds on anybody that they possibly could to clear more money but the point is if the Heat really wanted to keep Dwyane Wade he’d still be here.

“They fought just enough to make it look like they were fighting for him but they were very okay with him leaving. They were very okay with him leaving and from the very beginning of this they made that clear to him with the way they proceeded.”

Now whether the Heat truly didn’t care if Wade returned or it was merely Wade’s perception is unclear as they did make a substantial monetary offer before Wade left for Chicago.

However, Dan Le Batard joined the show shortly after, echoing Skolnick in that if the Heat truly wanted Wade he would be back with the Heat.

“They tried harder to fix it last year than they did this year,” Le Batard said. “It just feels to me they made just enough of an effort to make it appear they were making just enough of an effort… if they wanted to keep him they would’ve kept him.”

Skolnick also made it clear it wasn’t that Hassan Whiteside was unwilling to give some millions back for Wade as he was doing exactly that if Kevin Durant chose Miami, leaving millions on the table to get Wade’s money up back towards the $20-million mark. We also can’t blame Hassan for maximizing his contract in this situation — after getting five max offers — considering his path and career earnings to this point.

It’s sad to see the Wade Era end but, again, better off for both parties.