Inhuman outfielder Giancarlo Stanton not only pulverized the Home Run Derby record last night (by 20 home runs) by launching 61 balls over the fence, he also embarrassed his frugal franchise in the process.

With the Marlins desperately trying to entice folks to attend their games, they created a marketing ploy before the derby, emailing fans an offer of one percentage point off per home run for tickets on a select 35 future games the rest of the season. Despite having the 12th best record in baseball at 47-41, the team ranks an abysmal 27th in attendance — even in a new park.

So 61 percent off sounds pretty sweet, right? Not so fast, according to ESPN, because the soulless franchise reneged on their offer because of course they did:

When reached Monday night, team president David Samson said that, although the terms were not specified in the initial email to fans, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which runs team websites, sets a maximum on these type of offers at 25 percent.

“What Giancarlo did was so cool that we are working on an additional offer,” Samson said. “We’re thinking about picking a game and offering 61 percent off.”

Classic David Samson.

Classic Miami Marlins.

Sorry but “thinking about” offering 61 percent off ONE game in the future isn’t enough. How about bending over backwards to at least attempt to gain the respect of a fan base you continue to stampede over? If I were Samson, besides poisoning my stepfather (Jeffrey Loria) I’d go out of my way to get fans in the building — this would include cheap beer, free food, free parking, free hats, and whatever else is required to attempt to debunk a horrid reputation.

But nope.

Marlins gonna Marlins and cheapskate you to death because, as they’ve shown for years, the franchise doesn’t give a crap about its fans.

It’s also hilarious how the man with the richest contract in American professional sports negatively affected one of the most frugal MLB franchises by an epic Home Run Derby performance.

Well done, Giancarlo.