No one in NBA circles is debating whether Chris Bosh is among the most valuable bigs in the league when playing, but unfortunately his health over the last couple years, dealing with reoccurring blood clots, has muddled his basketball future.

With that uncertainty, would Pat Riley and the Miami Heat prefer to move on at this point?

“I think if you put them all to the lie detector test, I think Pat, at least Pat, and Andy … would prefer to move on,” Ira Winderman said on 560 WQAM’s Joe Rose Show. “You need closure and, more than anything, you need clarity. You can’t operate in this unbelievable vacuum they’re in where the entire league is operating at a $94 million cap and they’re operating at a 70 million cap.

“So yes what Chris will give you is probably as good as any $24-million player now but he wouldn’t give you the same thing in Free Agency next summer because you just don’t know.”

What Ira’s saying isn’t nuts. I think anyone would love to have Bosh back if he’s healthy even if it’s in a reserve role but there’s so much uncertainty here. If Bosh did return and log a minute next season, his salary would carry over for at least another year.

Bosh wants to return but even if he gets approval from multiple doctors, is the Heat comfortable risking his life? It’s a shitty, no-win situation, whether he attempts a comeback or calls it a career.

One thing is needed: closure.

Ira Winderman on Joe Rose Show [560 WQAM]