Dan Le Batard dropped some solid Miami Heat nuggets during the local hour of his radio show on 790 the Ticket this morning regarding Hassan Whiteside‘s Free Agency and how Henry Thomas — the agent for both Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade — essentially gave Bosh money that was allocated for Wade.

“I don’t know whether people have heard this or not but this is how this happened and Riley got strong armed on this one because he was actually floored by LeBron leaving,” Le Batard says. “So chaos ensues. The Sports Illustrated article comes out. LeBron is gone and now predators are circling around and they were scared incidentally with the Wade stuff … that a predator was gonna come in and try to get Hassan [Whiteside]. That Mark Cuban was gonna make a late appearance and foul up that contract situation once Wade left.

“Bosh’s agent says to the Heat, Bosh is going to Houston — $88 million — and the Heat counter with $7 million more than that. And Bosh’s agent says again, Bosh is going to Houston. It’s the max — $118 million — or Bosh is going to Houston. Hold on a second let us gather ourselves. Hold on a second. You have 30 minutes. And that’s how that happened. That’s how Bosh got Wade’s money. You have 30 minutes. While Bosh is on a camel … The Heat were telling them we’re gonna give them both $18 million, we want to have them both be totally equal and don’t want to have a problem with the money being disparate and Bosh’s agent — who’s also Wade’s agent — says you have 30 minutes.”

Le Batard often provides the Heat perspective of these accounts so it’s important to this is only one angle of the story but he’s certainly a reliable source and this information, while touched on perviously, is troubling.

The insinuation was Bosh would return at $95 million but Bosh’s agent threatened he’d walk. Maybe Wade should direct some of his angst on how his divorce with the Heat went down on not only his agent but Bosh because the agent acts on the player’s behalf and ultimately works for the client.