So some really strange Miami Marlins news surfaced today — no, nothing about the team performing above expectations, though that has been a mild surprise.

We’re referencing Christian Yelich tweeting a response to a random sex video that was posted on Twitter showing someone, who the Tweeter claimed was Yelich, performing anal cunnilingus — or ATM, for those under 40 — on a female.

“A false and defamatory video was tweeted about me the past 24hrs,” Yelich tweeted. “It is 100% not me in the video. My attorneys are looking into it.”

The faces of the two patrons were not shown, though the male did have curly brown hair, and both the Twitter account (@RealMarlinsFan) that posted the video along with Yelich’s tweet have been deleted. Not sure why Yelich thought it was a good idea to address the video as it only brought further attention to what apparently was a prank.

You can view the video at question within the link of the tweet below but please wait until you leave work. It’s not extremely NSFW but moderately NSFW.