Miami Dolphins opinionator Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel joined the Joe Rose Show, getting into a little back-and-forth with the Big Dog over practice.

Not a game. Practice.

It began when the Dolphins columnist threw some shade on rookie wideouts Leonte Carroo and Jakeem Grant  because although they might’ve performed well in the first preseason game they are “struggling with consistency” in practice, according to Kelly.

We’re talking about PRACTICE, man.

“Here’s the thing: what I’ve seen for 10 years in practice 95 percent of the time translates to the game. If a quarterback is inaccurate he’s accurate. If he struggles with pocket presence he struggles with pocket presence …

“There are very few instances [where practice doesn’t translate].”

Joe disagrees and I do too.

Where the hell did that 95 percent come from? Also, Omar can’t dissect practice accurately if he doesn’t know what plays are being called and what the players are being told. The media often watches practice about 80-plus yards away from the action up in the bleachers. They can’t see nor hear the entire picture.

Remember when Brady Quinn got heated on WQAM airwaves with Omar over his practice analysis? Kelly ripped Quinn for throwing picks while Quinn said his coaches told him to do so, to boost the confidence of the secondary.

“You know how many guys have been great in practice and sucks in games?” Rose quipped after Omar hung up. “He gets me going every time he comes on. He gets me rolling.”

You can listen below or click here.