There’s no question Dallas Thomas is the naughty list of most Dolphins fans.

His consistently subpar production the past two seasons made us wonder whether he had damning evidence of his bosses.

“It bothers me,” Pouncey said of the widespread Thomas criticism, on Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz on WQAM. “It bothers me a lot because people make judgements off a guy off of what they see on one day. I see Dallas Thomas come in each and every day and work his tail off. He’s a great football player [and he] prepares like a professional. I just hate it for him because I know all the work he puts in that nobody else sees but guys in this building.

“For the most part, you wont hear anyone inside of this building talking bad about Dallas because they see it each and every day. If it was that big of a problem then our coaches would address it and obviously it’s not.”

I’m not sure what Hoch expected when he asked the question, but obviously Pouncey is going to stick up for his teammate on a public platform. Behind closed doors? Who knows, though Thomas’ play certainly makes Pouncey look better by comparison.

🎙  Mike Pouncey on Hoch Crowder and Krantz [560 WQAM]