Blake James rode the Hard Rock Stadium high upon joining Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz on WQAM yesterday, calling the renovated and renamed facility “the best stadium in the world.”

“It’s not a renovation it’s a transformation,” James said, “and credit to Stephen Ross, Tom Garfinkel and the Dolphins organization for really making this, in my opinion, the best stadium in the world.”

Blake also sees it as a “weapon” for recruiting.

“When you look at kids at that age they are very impressionable and we see it all across the country and at the facilities that we’re all building on campuses. So when you look at the appeal that we’re gonna have here, I mean Mark’s putting his kids up in Club Liv this year.

“I do think it will be a big part of the recruiting process… Kids wanna play where the NFL teams play, where the Super Bowl’s gonna be played and all those things and obviously to have a world-class facility like this, I think it really will be a recruiting weapon for us.”

Okay James, time to pump the brakes, and pump ’em hard.

While I understand the made-for-hype setting, interviewing on your team’s flagship radio station fresh off renovations and a cool name change, calling this the “best stadium in the world,” let alone the best stadium in football, is overkill.

How about we fill two-thirds of it first?

The three major changes to the stadium are the canopy, the bigger video boards, and the overhauled luxury seating. Those giant living room seats in the lower deck on the 50-yard line? Not only do they hurt your crowd noise but they were 90-percent empty during Canes games last season, while pushing aside longtime ticket holders. It’s also still located about 20 miles north of your campus.

Winning is the best recruiter. That and churning out NFL talent.

Once the games start, and the wins or losses mount, that “best stadium in the world” becomes nothing but fluff.

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