By now even the most casual Miami sports radio listeners know Orlando “Big O” Alzugaray is not the biggest fan of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Well, this week the WQAM host took his Tannekill take to the next level, proclaiming third-string quarterback Brandon Doughty has a higher ceiling.

Yes, a rookie drafted by Miami in the seventh round with ONE preseason game under his belt has more potential than the former No. 8 overall pick.

“In my opinion, Tanny has plateaued,” Big O says. “This is who he is. The other kid thinks, acts and plays like a real quarterback. The issue Brandon has is arm strength, since he doesn’t have a gun like Bridgewater. These kinds of QBs have to adjust to the speed of this league.”

“Brees, Griese, Pennington, Montana had to learn about ball placement, anticipation and throwing to open spots where receivers are going to be. That’s not an easy art as you can see by Bridgwater’s numbers last year. Guys like Bridgewater and Doughty must throw receivers open. Peyton had to that the last five years in the league with no fastball. They throw to a spot where the receiver will be, where guys like Cam, Rodgers and Luck can wait for the receiver to make the break to the outside on a 20-yard out and then throw it. Where Brees, Griese, Bridgewater and Doughty must throw it way before the receiver breaks while still holding the safety in the middle of the field. Extremely tough, and it’s hard enough to play QB but even harder with a weaker arm.”

When asked how Doughty can have a higher upside when he faces such a tough path already with the weak arm, O’s response was, “Drew Brees.”

“Not if he can be Drew Brees,” he says. “That’s why Doughty still has upside because of the unknown. Check his numbers under Petrino. This kid has an excellent understanding of how to play this position. That’s where Tanny falls short. The position isn’t natural to him. It’s natural for Brandon.”

It appears Big O is inhaling too much of Joe Rose’s saliva from the QAM’ studio microphones.

My issue isn’t with his assessment of Tannehill, though I don’t think he’s as bad as he says. I agree that he’s not a natural, as he fails to consistently feel pressure and throw with anticipation. He doesn’t possess those instincts shared by the game’s elite. But he’s still an average starter at worst.

The Doughty stuff is comical because his upside isn’t anywhere near what Tannehill already is. The rookie completed 7 of 9 passes in a preseason game. So what?

Name a player — not named Tom Brady or Tony Romo — drafted outside of the third round in the last 20 years who developed into even an above-average starter. His ceiling is probably closer to fellow Dolphins QB Matt Moore, a career backup. If that.

The Brees comparison is even sillier. He was knocked for his arm and height (6-foot) upon entering the NFL and was still drafted at the top of the second round. Doughty was taken in the seventh round despite chucking 97 touchdowns and nearly 10,000 yards in his final two years at Western Kentucky. Is that not the biggest of red flags? In a quarterback-starved league, not one team considered him in the top 200 picks.

We’ve seen this tale before, overrating the young new backup QB because we don’t like the incumbent. Before Doughty there was former Dolphin Pat Devlin, an undrafted QB who showed glimpses in the preseason. He’s no longer in the NFL, failing to register one pass in a real game.

This isn’t Any Given Sunday. Willie Beamen ain’t coming through that door.