NFL preseason Power Rankings are starting to trickle out because apparently that’s all you people care for — lists, and more lists.

With that we explored the interwebs for all the national NFL Power Rankings we could get our hands on to truly gauge the perception of the Miami Dolphins on a national stage.

We found five posts, with the oldest dating back to August 7, which is still viable considering nothing can be learned from one measly preseason showing.

Note: Sporting News and Bleacher Report were listed last because of those damn slideshows. 

ESPN: 26th

Coach Adam Gase has been labeled a “quarterback whisperer,” so Ryan Tannehill better be listening. He posted a career-worst 43.1 Total QBR last season, despite a talented receiving corps that featured Jarvis Landry, who had a franchise-record 100 receptions last season.”

Yahoo Sports: 25th

Arian Foster is impressing in Dolphins camp. That makes sense. The question isn’t Foster’s talent, it’s how much of a workload he can handle coming off an Achilles injury. He turns 30 on Aug. 24.”

Our take:

NFL: 22nd

The latest on the Dolphins is that Arian Foster is now batting second in the order. Doesn’t matter. This is the classic camp headline, i.e., it means nothing. The younger Jay Ajayi might be listed as the starter, but when he’s right, Foster can be a top-five running back. Yes, injuries mounted for himover his last few seasons in Houston, and I’m sure his eccentricities endeared him to about as many fans as the Ryan Mallett school of sideline pouting. Just remember Foster was the first undrafted rookie free agent to lead the NFL in rushing. Ever.”

Sporting News: 27th

Adam Gase will have a good effect on the offense, whispering Ryan Tannehill, getting what’s left of Arian Foster and turning DeVante Parker into a top-flight receiver. But up front, they are reshuffling on both sides, and they also have some lingering back seven issues on defense. They remain a notch or two below the Bills and Jets and have fallen a few more laps behind the Patriots.”

Bleacher Report: 26th

It’s simple. Tannehill could be an All-Pro quarterback with great receivers all around and a bulldozer at running back behind him and it won’t matter if he has no protection. If that line gets better, so will the Dolphins.”


The nation doesn’t view the Dolphins as perpetually mediocre anymore. No, they’re now much worse, with an average power ranking of 25.2.

Are they that bad? They might be. Yet it is the NFL, where parity rules and teams can flip the script in one season. This breeds hope, dangerous and misguided hope.