Heath Evans of NFL Network was gushing about the Miami Dolphins on Friday — we’re shocked as much as you are — with most of his positivity sourcing from the hiring of Adam Gase.

The notable Dolphins-fan-base-rile-upper (the Dolphins cut the former NFL fullback before he joined the Patriots) with nothing but hate for Ndamukong Suh actually thinks this could be a playoff team this season.

“I do think Adam [Gase] has the makeup, discipline-wise first and foremost for this team, and the head knowledge to be able to get in these players’ minds of what needs to be done,” Evans said on Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz. “This is a talented roster in some respects. I still think there’s holes that Adam will try to fix over the course of the next couple years but I do think for once in a long time the Dolphins organization is heading in the right direction with the hiring of Adam Gase.”

Granted this was on Friday, before center Mike Pouncey got injured (expected to miss at least the rest of the preseason) but Evans thinks this team is capable of making the playoffs.

“Listen, there is some holes on this offensive line that have to be masked,” he said. “That being said, we’ve seen great coaches mask plenty of holes on rosters. I would go out with the way Arian looks, if he can stay healthy, which I know what Adam is capable of doing with a back as talented as Arian, I would say yes, predicated on this defense, and the talent starting with Ndamukong Suh because he’s the so-called name leader of that defense, I still know Cameron is the defensive leader, Mario Williams, everyone fully buying into an [unselfish] defensive system, not chasing stats, not chasing numbers, not chasing personal satisfaction, whatever Vance says needs to be done… but you’ve got to buy in and it’s gotta be a team-played 53-man roster week in and week out to compete in this division.

“I think with the right mentality, absolutely yes.”

While it’s nice to see Heath throw Dolphins fans a bone in wake of his usual Patriots homerism, this is by no means a playoff roster. They don’t have the talent.

That is unless Gase is a coaching god with the ability to catapult Tannehill to superstardom, hide multiple weaknesses on the offensive line, and inject competence into both the Dolphins’ linebacking group and secondary.

This feels a lot like Evans letting his personal relationships sway his thinking. Clearly he’s tight with Gase and is overlooking the obvious: this team is laden with holes and will be lucky to sniff .500 this season.

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