Have we pegged the Miami Dolphins all wrong?

A few days after NFL Network’s Heath Evans sang the Miami Dolphins praises, labeling them a potential playoff team in large part to the impact of Adam Gase, Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer has joined the mini-bandwagon as well, saying this may be a team he thinks makes “a huge jump.”

“Leaving Miami after visiting the Miami Dolphins I think this may be my pick for team that makes a huge jump,” Glazer wrote on Instagram. “Head coach looks young but has major attitude and great eye for fast-paced offense. Clicking with Tannehill and of all people young — WR Kenny Stills somehow actually grew up and into a leader. I like this team’s potential.”

Does Adam Gase practice hypnotism on the side?

From the fans to the local media, the pulse of the team this season was rightfully gloomy after losing impact talent at several spots and having so many questions at not merely individual positions but position groups, like the linebackers, secondary, and offensive line.

Let’s hope Glazer and Evans are correct in that Gase is the savior and he’ll be enough to swing the tide. I don’t see it and think they should tank.