Blazing fast Miami Dolphins rookie wideout/return man Jakeem Grant is often likened to comedian/actor Kevin Hart, according to the Palm Beach Post:

Jakeem Grant has spent most of the last few years being told he looks like comedian Kevin Hart, and it’s difficult to discern whether he’s happy about that.

“I guess the height and I guess they say I look like him; I joke around a lot, so I guess that’s where they get it from,” Grant said after the Dolphins’ practice Tuesday. “I don’t know. I’ve been getting it my whole life: Kevin Hart this, Kevin Hart that. Anytime Kevin Hart wants to meet up and clarify that we don’t look alike — or we do — let’s get an understanding.”

Outside of the height comparison — Hart is 5-foot-4 while Grant is listed at 5-foot-6 — and compact muscly frame we don’t see it.

Do you?

photos via Daily Toreador/Kevin Hart’s Instagram