It’s abundantly clear the masses are not high on the Miami Heat next season.

With big names like Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, and Joe Johnson popping up in the team’s subtractions column and Chris Bosh’s future in serious doubt, I can fully grasp why but I disagree with the prognostication.

Not only is the team’s outlook considered gloomy from the likes of Jorge Sedano and Ethan Skolnick, two national media members with strong NBA knowledge and Miami roots who both picked Miami to win somewhere in the mid-30s, but Heat fans generally concur with nearly half of those polled (out of 200+ on Twitter), projecting Miami to tally between 31 and 40 wins.

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton has joined the masses in his recent column projecting records for the entire NBA. However, his process is purely objective considering he used ESPN’s real plus-minus metric on a team-wide scale.

Pelton has the team finishing 10th in the east with a 38-44 record, and that’s with Chris Bosh. Without him, he projects 35 wins and a 12th-place finish.

Even with Chris Bosh in the lineup, the Heat may have a tough time making the playoffs after losing Luol Deng, Joe Johnson and Dwyane Wade. Without Bosh, Miami’s projection drops to 35.2 wins and 12th in the East.”

Bosh or no Bosh, the Heat’s preseason expectations are the lowest I can remember in over a decade.