It’s Year 5 of the Ryan Tannehill Era in Miami and nobody can agree on what the kid is, so much so I created this insane Madden experiment to rattle people’s brains while having a little fun.

Well, three-time Super Bowl winning lineman Randy Cross, now a broadcaster for CBS Sports, encapsulated the Tannehill experience perfectly yesterday on Miami radio.

“Tannehill’s numbers are gonna be good,” Cross said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “I don’t think he’s totally dissimilar from the guy that will be taking snaps from the other team, for the other team, for the Falcons with Matt Ryan. He could be one of the top quarterbacks. There’s certain things he’s got to stop doing. And I think they both have one thing in common and that’s they can throw those evangelist passes that make 70,000 people stand up and scream, ‘Jesus.'”

“I like Tannehill. I think he’s sort of moderated what he does with his feet compared to what he did at A&M with Coach Sherman. This guy is a hell of an athlete. He still has pretty good upside.”

Well done, Cross.

There are actually some very strong similarities between Ryan and Tannehill across the board.

  • Ryan had an interception percentage of 2.4 last year; Tannehill had an interception percentage of 2.4
  • Ryan had a QB rating of 89 last year; Tannehill had a QB rating of 89
  • Ryan’s middle name is Tom; Tannehill’s middle name is Tim
  • Ryan’s last name is Tannehill’s first

Now I’d rather have Ryan because he’s more of a natural at the position, but it wouldn’t be by a landslide or anything.

Hopefully there will be a lot less “Jesuses” heard throughout Hard Rock Stadium this year.

🎙 Randy Cross on HCK [560 WQAM]