A Florida Man just got Donald Trump’s goofy lying face tattooed on his leg and I’m thinking there’s no better time than NOW to break off South Florida into its own state.

The crazy person is from St. Petersburg and his name is Sean, per Bay News 9. He didn’t give his last name, which is about the only wise thing he did when it came to tattooing Trump’s orange mug permanently to his body.

Sean says Trump “is someone who knows problems and is known for solving problems” and I’m going to throw up my lunch all over my keyboard.

Sean said the time and pain was worth it, and he’s only gotten positive reactions so far.

“In a word, love,” he said. “Just love. For the tattoo, for Trump. Even people who don’t like Trump, love the tattoo.”

Sean said he’s confident Trump will win the election, but if he doesn’t he has no plans to remove the tattoo.

Sean, his hillbilly friends, and that fool tattoo “artist” who willingly obliged can no longer be a part of the same state as us.

I get South Florida has nuts of its own but holy hell, it’s time to break off. And instead of breaking the new state off north of Orlando, as officials suggested,  it’s time to head MUCH further south.

I’m talking from Fort Myers across to West Palm and that’s IT.

The State of South Florida should be just the tip. Nothing else. I don’t care if it’ll look even more like a penis on a map. It’s time already. Jesus, Sean.

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