Welcome to the Mark Richt Era, Miami Hurricanes fans.

Days from the Canes’ season opener and it’s apparent this is NOT your Mark D’Onofrio-style defense, with new defensive coordinator Manny Diaz quoted saying he wants his unit playing with “unbelievable effort and unwavering violence.”

“If everybody does their job in a violent manner,” Diaz says, “we’re going to pleased with the outcome.”

And I just sprinted head first through my sliding glass door.


D’Onofrio appears confused.

Now it will take some time before we get a good grasp of the early impact of the new coaches and defensive style, which by all indications appears to be an aggressive attacking scheme. They host cupcakes Florida A&M and FAU to start the season.

You’d also think it’d be difficult to rewire a player’s brain in one offseason after years of playing a style of defense softer than a Costco-size bag of marshmallows, though there will be tons of freshman getting snaps, especially with the linebackers.

We’ll have a good idea of what this team is in October, when the Canes face a brutal five-game stretch that includes FSU, UNC, and Notre Dame.

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