The Miami Dolphins have some issues heading into the 2016 season, with much of them sourcing from the defensive side of the football. Should they take a swing at pass-rushing menace and alleged woman-beater Greg Hardy?

“If you’re a Dolphins fan, do you want that guy?” Dan Le Batard said on his radio show this morning. “Because I would want that guy. I don’t do all that moralizing and all that nonsense. He’s great at pass rushing and I don’t care… I’m not about putting the guy in the uniform and needing him to be pure to play that particular game. I just want a pass rush.

“A) It makes you better at cornerback to have a pass rush and you can’t have too many of those, especially if Cam Wake’s not right. It’s not like you can have too many pass rushers. You’re gonna get him super cheap. He’d be back in the league right now if he had showed contrition at any point, and this is not a defense in any way of Greg Hardy, Im just telling you that I’d want that kind of menace in my huddle. And I’d take what seems to be not very much of a risk, I’d take that chance. You’ve got a great pass rusher available, cheap.”

Besides there appearing to be imminent disaster at corner, the pass rush — the most critical defensive element in today’s NFL — lost Olivier Vernon to Free Agency and is betting on a 34-year-old Cameron Wake coming off a torn achilles and has-been Mario Williams, who was chased out of Buffalo.

Le Batard may be right in that a great pass rush would lighten the load on the secondary. No question it’d be a shrewd football move and a low-risk acquisition in many ways. If he inches out of line, simply throw up the dueces. His deal would have to include a shock-collar clause to keep him the hell away from South Beach.

However, signing Hardy sends a dangerous message because by all indications he’s one of the shittiest human beings on the planet. If I’m Stephen Ross, I don’t sign off on this type of individual representing my brand, regardless of his production on the field. And it’s not like this defense is a Greg Hardy away from being an elite unit.

This isn’t Josh Gordon, who can’t stay on the field because he probably adds globs of weed to his Lucky Charms every morning. This is a man, who despite shockingly being declared legally innocent in his gruesome domestic violence case, certainly does not seem to be a good person. This is a man too vile even for the sociopathic Cowboys.

Leave the trash on the street.