The perpetually entertaining Channing Crowder, sports radio host and former Miami Dolphins linebacker, joined the Joe Rose Show this morning to preview the season but also share some excellent stories about Nick Saban’s tenure in Miami.

By now, many have heard some details of a stripper dancing on Saban during the rookie show, which is comprised of typically putting on skits for the veterans. Crowder, who was among those rookies, went into greater detail this morning.

The plan was to have a stripper named “Tip Drill,” who works at King of Diamonds, dance for Saban at the end of the rookie show. Clad in a Jason Taylor jersey and a thong, she went over to Saban, who was sitting up on the stage “all square, knees tight like a virgin,” per Crowder.

After Tip Drill grazed the knee of this miserable, uptight human who lives to suck the fun out of everything, he moved her to the side “like a bag of laundry” and got out of there, jogging up to this office.

Tip Drill is pictured below.

FOCUSED………. #TheTransition DROPPING JULY 11Th 😬🙌🏼 Wearing: @giaperrotti Makeup: @nathaliamakeup

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I think that he was getting a little excited,” Crowder said, “and had to get the hell on.”

Then Crowder shifted to why Saban’s NFL coaching career didn’t work out.

“He wants the 17, 18, 19-year olds to look up at him on this pedestal as Coach Nick Saban, the greatest ever,” he said. “My linebacking core our rookie year was me, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Junior Seau. Those three guys didn’t give a damn who Nick Saban was. They’re hall of famers, know what I’m saying?

“Saban didn’t like not being in control. We knew early on he wasn’t gonna make it in the NFL. Not because of his football knowledge — cause he’s still one of the smartest defensive minds I’ve been around — but because of his ego. Because he wanted people to love him and respect him to this god like level and I don’t think a guy like a Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Junior Seau, can look up to anybody like a God because, hell, they are who they are.”

The good stuff, including a funny bar story with Matt Roth, starts around 7:30 mark.