The quality of the Miami Dolphins’ 2016 product remains uncertain heading into their season opener at Seattle on Sunday, but there’s at least one player who appears to be eviscerating all doubts.

First-round draft pick Laremy Tunsil continues his ascension from draft-day laughing stock to hopeful NFL superstar, surrendering zero pressures in the preseason, per Pro Football Focus, and also gaining immense praise from veteran teammates like left tackle Branden Albert, a pricy player who figures to be replaced by Tunsil at some point.

“He’s doing pretty good,” Albert said of the rookie on the Big O Show. “He’s actually fitting in nicely. I think he’s gonna have a big year for us. To be as gifted as he is, he’s real confident and has a lot of heart… He has no fear.”

“No question,” Albert said when asked if he’s noticed Tunsil’s athletic ability. “The first day he got there I was like, he’s probably got the best feet I’ve ever seen, as an offensive lineman and as an athlete, period. He’s got some of the greatest feet I’ve seen and he’s very, very strong.”

Considering Tunsil is replacing one of the team’s worst lineman in recent memory in Dallas Thomas, it’s looking like there will be at least one huge upgrade on what’s been a consistently terrible offensive line over the years.

There’s been nothing but positivity from Tunsil since his bong-filled draft night hack.

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