Despite the NFL hype oozing around Brad Kaaya in the preseason, the Miami Hurricanes quarterback has had a rough start to start the season statistically, completing 59 percent of his passes for 326 yards, with four touchdowns and two interceptions through two games against subpar opponents.

“He also doesn’t look great,” Dan Le Batard said on his radio show this morning. “I expect a leap from him. One of the things that’s exciting about having Mark Richt is that he’s supposed to be a quarterback shaper. I keep reading that Kaaya is a first-round pick and up to now what I’ve seen on the field has looked to me like Stephen Morris. I haven’t seen any difference from what it is in terms of results. The results I’m getting, I haven’t seen any difference.

“So if Al Golden was terrible at it and Mark Richt is great at it that alone is a reason to hire him because he can shape Brad Kaaya, but the first two games Brad Kaaya has shown me next to nothing this season.”

Quite the week for Le Batard locally. Yesterday, he said Jarvis Landry “is in a second tier or third tier of number one receivers,” which is accurate.

Yet the Kaaya analysis is a fair assessment right now and I don’t think it was intended as a major slight to Morris, who was solid at Miami but not special despite a monster arm and quick feet. However, it’s real early with just one bad game for the junior quarterback, who is also playing in his third system in three years.

Kaaya looked solid in the opener against Florida A&M but definitely looked off against Florida Atlantic last weekend, though his protection didn’t help the cause.

Considering Kaaya has what appears to be a dynamic running game supporting him in addition to a solid and swarming defense, his efficiency should climb despite the increased level of competition in the coming weeks.