Jarvis Landry catches a ton of footballs but it remains to be seen if he’ll ever be the type of wideout who can take over a football game.

“You’re sitting out here, you’re watching yesterday and you’re like who’s gonna make a play? Nobody is the answer,” Le Batard said of the Miami Dolphins‘ loss in Seattle on his radio show on Monday. “Nobody. I like Jarvis Landry, okay, but c’mon man. He’s like a glorified possession receiver. He’s not Odell Beckham. He’s not Larry Fitzgerald. Jarvis Landry is in a second tier or third tier of number one receivers … He’s Christian Yelich.”

With the Yelich comparison, he’s essentially saying Jarvis isn’t a homerun-hitter capable of those enormous chunk plays that make a defense sweat. He’s right. That’s not his role and likely not part of his many strengths.

Landry does have some of the best hands in football, excelling at running shorter routes while catching the ball in stride and making things happen after the catch. He’s a tough, fearless football player and would be an asset on any team.

Now could he be more of a downfield wideout? It’s possible considering how ineffective his line and QB have been at times but at his size and limited speed it’s unlikely he’ll ever be a dynamic, blow-the-top-off-a-defense type of receiver. That doesn’t mean he isn’t great.

The hope was for DeVante Parker — who Le Batard once likened to Mike Wallace — to become that guy, in the mold of A.J. Green and other big fast wideouts who allow for a greater margin of error from their quarterback. However his fragility has held him back so far, as he already missed Week 1 due to injury.

Listen to Le Batard’s take at about the 21-minute mark of the local hour.