Channing Crowder is one of the most entertaining personalities on Miami sports radio and continued to provide some excellent insight this morning on the Joe Rose Show, explaining why it’s important for Adam Gase to be aggressive in his play-calling.

“You gotta go for it,” Crowder said of Gase’s decision to go for it on fourth and inches against Seattle (they came up short). “Inches? You’re an NFL team with four first-round linemen and you can’t get an inch? That’s ridiculous. The team, the players, Joe, you know how this is. You’re preaching aggressiveness. You’re preaching we’re gonna go out here and try to beat teams, gonna go out here and dominate teams. And the first opportunity that you have as an aggressive alpha male, [if] you kick the ball on fourth and inches…

“I don’t care if they made it or not, he established something with his team on that call that we’re trying to win every game, we’re trying to win every down, we’re trying to win every series. So yes, I think you go for it. I hope he goes for it four times this week in New England.”

Like Crowder, I love the call despite the result. You can’t judge it based on them failing to convert.

It’s like when you take I-95 home from Home Depot and you hit bumper-to-bumper traffic on Saturday. Your wife asks why you didn’t take the backroads.

I love my wife, but Captain Hindsight is the absolute worst.

If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan clamoring they should’ve kicked on 4th and inches on the 17, I despise your football takes.

“Well, they would’ve won 13-12,” you’ll say. Again, you’re the worst. In that moment, you have no idea how many points it’s going to take to come out with a win. Play to win the game. Pursue touchdowns, not field goals. Have a winning mentality and show faith in your talent, unlike Joe Philbin and Tony Sparano, who both had a play-not-to-lose mentality.

Last week, Crowder shared a tale of a stripper dancing on Nick Saban when he was a rookie. Oh and he also shared his story of Willie Williams’ recruiting trip at Florida, which was tremendous. Listen to today’s interview here.