I’m not sure what kind of chemicals have invaded WQAM’s water supply, but Marc Hochman is doubling down on lunacy, predicting four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who has seemingly spent the last 30 years with the Patriots, will join the Miami Dolphins as early as next season.

“I’m telling you,” Hoch said on Thursday’s HCK. “To me it makes sense. But I own that comment. Tom Brady will be the quarterback one day for the Miami Dolphins. It might be next season and I own that comment.”

He started this Brady-to-Miami crap yesterday, with his argument being that if Jimmy Garoppolo impresses enough in the four games Brady is missing, Bill Belichick will trade Brady in the offseason and move forward with Garoppolo, similar to when he turned his back on Drew Bledsoe in favor of Brady after the 2001 season.

“I was just on NFL.com,” Hoch said yesterday. “I just ordered a Dolphins Brady jersey for next season. There’s already people screaming at me on the text machine which makes me want to own this comment even more. Tom Brady will be the Dolphins’ quarterback next season. I own that comment.”

Yesterday’s egregious remarks came around the 1:08 mark of the Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz podcast.