At 0-2, the Miami Dolphins have started their 2016 campaign as expected, coming off a brutal two-game stretch featuring road contents against two of the league’s finer franchises in the Seahawks and Patriots.

To claw themselves out of this hole and have a prayer of escaping NFL purgatory this season, they need reinforcements.

Obviously there’s nobody in Free Agency who can radically shift the team’s chances this season but what if they looked beyond the norm? Beyond the sport, perhaps.

Enter Justise Winslow, rising Miami Heat superstar (hopefully) who has already established himself as a defensive menace in the NBA with immense potential on the court. Being the sensational athlete that he is, at the prime age of 20, what if Justise decided to add the gridiron to his resume, aiding the struggling franchise across town as it yearns to escape the NFL’s prison of mediocrity.

Meet Justise Winslow, Miami Dolphins tight end.

While I think Winslow’s ideal football position could be as a linebacker or defensive end, no doubt he could become the latest hooper to transition to superstar tight end.

At 6-foot-7 and 225 pounds, he has the prototypical size. We’re gonna throw ten pounds on the former Dukie to better handle the rigors of professional football.

Winslow was given 86 strength because the kid is a brute. His speed and catching are both 90, with his jumping at 92.

I gave Justise a generous overall rating of 87, largely because of his mobility, strength, hands and the confidence he has awareness to play the position without a hitch. Madden NFL 17_20160923112425

We made his blocking suspect because that would probably be his toughest transition.

Madden NFL 17_20160923112425

Not that even the Dolphins would need this freak specimen of a tight end against the lowly Cleveland Browns, but it should be a nice tune-up game for the rookie.

And boy was it ever. Winslow made his presence felt down the seam and in the red zone, lighting up the Browns’ defense.

The size advantage was, well, obvious. Here’s Winslow split out wide vs. Joe Haden on the goal line.

Madden NFL 17_20160923121328

Advantage: Winslow.

And down the seam:

More seam destruction:

And a one-handed grab:

Deep-ball destruction:

He would finish with 13 grabs for 220 yards and four touchdowns en route to a 34-16 Dolphins win. Not bad for his first football game.

Justise Winslow, two-sport superstar?