Amid what’s been a very emotional Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz this morning — they’ve done an excellent job at discussing what Jose Fernandez meant to the South Florida community — Dan dropped some self-depreciating humor in response to a texter saying Dan is becoming more self-involved with every SportsCenter appearance.

“Yeah, it’s gonna keep happening,” Le Batard said during the local hour. “It’s gonna become more and more self-involved and eventually I’m gonna be Mike Francesa. That’s the way that one’s gonna happen.  That’s the path I’m on. I’m on Francesa Way.

“He blazed this trail and eventually I will be a totally self-involved gasbag and you can watch it happen. That’s the great part. You can remember me back when I was just an unlikable sports columnist from my humble beginnings to a totally self-important flatulent gasbag. It’s not even original. I’m just copycating Francesa.”

Le Batard says Stugotz is becoming the next Chris Mad Dog Russo, and “we’ll be both worse off without the other” when the duo departs — “it’s the same damn story.”

Francesa, a serious sports talker, and Russo, a cantankerous and unintentionally hilarious hot-take spewer, used to co-host a popular show together in New York on WFAN before the duo split.

Le Batard and Francesa, the latter still a stalwart on WFAN, have a history of trading on-air jabs.