Just when we thought Stugotz reached his floor as an overzealous hot-take spewing sports fan masquerading as a radio host, he proceeded to blow through said floor as if he put a jetpack on upside down and went full-throttle.

“I feel like ESPN should be building some sort of mini-empire around me,” Stu said yesterday on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz amid a heavy dose of phlegm. “I feel like Bill Simmons and I are very similar. The only difference is he’s a really good writer and I am not.

“I feel like there’s a Sports Guy element to me. People always say we’re very similar — I’m a voice of the fans. Im a dopey sports fan and I feel like there’s maybe a webpage, a podcast, perhaps a say in some of the programming ideas around here at ESPN. And I can write. Like I could write in very small doses. I’m very funny. There’ll be tons of misspellings.”

Stugotz, our 2016 Miami Sports Bracket champion, continues to lower the bar to unthinkable levels. All of South Florida should be proud.

Meanwhile the gotz is also 0-14 this season at picking NFL games — against the spread.

Audio of Stugotz’s pitch

via ESPN Radio