Amid being the target of Chris Bosh’s puzzling scorn, Pat Riley can take solace in the fact he received plenty of love in the first episode of Luke Cage, a new Marvel series now out on Netflix.

(No spoiler alerts — I promise.)

The show is based in Harlem and the opening scene features a classic barber shop sports debate, this one about the horrid state of the New York Knicks (takes place sometime after they drafted Porzingis) and how Phil Jackson can’t compare to Pat Riley.

After Riley received a blow in the heated hoops debate, Luke Cage — the bulletproof man — rose to the Miami Heat President’s defense.

“‘Cause the Knicks played like men when Pat Riley was head coach,” Cage said. “Oakley and Ewing went hard in the paint. Plus Anthony Mason and John Starks. Drive the lane, you might go home in a body bag.”

There’s also note on the mirror of the shop stating five six individuals never have to pay for a cut: Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Richard Roundtree, Michael Jordan, Al Pacino, and — you guessed it — Pat Riley.


Bosh might have LeBron on his side amid his bizarre discontent with the Heat, but at least Riley has superhero with superhuman strength watching his back.

Three episodes in, I think it’s a quality show so far. Maybe it’s not on the level of Daredevil just yet but it has potential.