Ripe off a disappointing 20-19 loss to a very mediocre Florida State Seminoles squad, and Dan Le Batard is not impressed with Brad Kaaya.

“That offensive line is not good and those skill position guys are not what we’ve come to expect from the University of Miami,” Le Batard said during the local hour of his radio show. “So he is playing in handcuffs that make it very hard to make a determination on how good he actually is but on Saturday I’m willing to declare, not special. Even with those as the dilutors on the front end and it matters, it absolutely matters, but not special ’cause that’s not a good FSU defense. It’s simply not.”

Upon hearing Kaaya was playing with a shoulder injury, Le Batard did backtrack a bit, saying that info is “not irrelevant” and he made a couple of throws in that game he wasn’t used to seeing him make, throws that “somebody would make in a high school game.”

Injured or not, Kaaya didn’t look sharp, completing 19 of 32 passes for 214 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Making things incredibly difficult for Miami’s junior quarterback was the weak protection up front and the lackluster rushing attack (2.2 yards per rush), but again, this Florida State defense gave up 37, 35, and 63 points the previous three weeks.

With North Carolina and Virginia Tech on deck, we’ll know plenty more about what Kaaya and the Hurricanes are made of in the coming weeks.