It had to be a rough morning for Ryan Tannehill.

Coming off a blowout loss at home against the lousy Tennessee Titans in which his offense was responsible for just 10 points, he was sacked six times and pressured on 16 of 24 his attempts, per Pro Football Focus, playing behind a truly offensive line that at times appeared to be intentionally trying to get their quarterback decapitated.

But wait, there’s more.

A chunk of his fan base booed him off the field repeatedly in the second half on Sunday, clamoring for backup Matt Moore, his most promising offensive lineman is out with a shower injury, and his team’s playoff hopes have been extinguished just five games into the season (2% playoff odds) despite Tom Brady missing the Patriots’ first four games.

The majority of fans and media are finished with Tannehill, who grades out as the No. 17 quarterback this season, per Pro Football Focus, and the No. 29 QB according to ESPN’s QBR.

However, there’s one smart football mind out there who isn’t ready to dismiss Tannehill as trash in favor of looking for a new quarterback, which would be the team’s 18th starter since Dan Marino.

“No quarterback could make this situation work right now,” says Cian Fahey, a film room writer with Football Outsiders. “The offensive line is getting beaten even when it has two or three extra bodies in against the rush. Tannehill was under pressure from multiple spots on nearly every dropback yesterday.

“I would stick with Tannehill long term without any doubt. Right now he is Sam Bradford during the early stages of his career, a good quarterback trapped in an offense that never improves.”

Adam Gase concurs.

Before sharing his contrarian view on Tannehill, Fahey took to Twitter to outline just how egregious Miami’s line was on Sunday.

There was one good play!

But that was an aberration.

The amount of first-round busts on this roster is startling.

My view: Ryan Tannehill remains somewhere around average and he’s the easy scapegoat for fans and media. Objectively look at the film, as Fahey has done, and you’ll see how small-minded it is to merely pile the blame on number 17.

Nobody, not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, would thrive behind this incompetent line with no semblance of a running game. The Dolphins’ most gifted skill player, DeVante Parker, is also their softest and their best weapon in Jarvis Landry isn’t special enough to take over a game.

Throw in the fact the defense might be the worst in football and it’s an unwinnable war. The fact he’s started 69 consecutive games behind this perpetually disastrous line is incredible.

When none of your top picks develop into stars — first-rounders like Dion Jordan, Parker, JuWuan James, and even Mike Pouncey — it creates a gargantuan talent deficiency, one that cannot be overcome by a couple big free-agent signings.

I think they should suit up Matt Moore next week against the Steelers and it has nothing to do with Tannehill. Moore, who hasn’t started since 2011 and is less mobile and accurate than Tannehill, will inevitably struggle, and it will provide some perspective on just how bad this team is around the quarterback position.

It’s easy to point all the blame at the QB but the Dolphins’ issues are much deeper than Ryan Tannehill.