It sure doesn’t sound like Chris Bosh is going to fade quietly into retirement amid immense concerns over his health regarding blood clotting.

Former Heat teammate James Jones, who continues to ride LeBron James in Cleveland, told Basketball Insiders Bosh will play again and “no way” he’ll allow the game to be taken from him.

“Chris will play again,” Jones confidently told Basketball Insiders. “I’ve always said there’s something about that group in Miami. Every single guy down there, in a unique fashion, had overbearing, overwhelming desire to succeed. We did some special things down there namely because those guys (Wade and Bosh) willed their way to it.

“From a health perspective, I know [Chris] will do everything in his power and medicine these days is amazing. He’ll find a way to get back. No way will he allow the game to be taken away from him for a medical reason. But like always, he’s methodical, he’s very very patient and he’ll figure it out. We’re all pulling for him because this is a brotherhood. Not only because this is the NBA but by playing on a team like that, it’s a brotherhood, and you always want to see your brother’s dreams and legacies fulfilled.”

This situation has gotten quite sad.

It sure appears Bosh will continue to fight to prolong his career despite his body telling him it’s had enough.

This comes a few weeks after Pat Riley publicly announced Bosh would not be playing for the Heat. At the time, Barry Jackson wrote it didn’t appear Bosh was going to fight them on it, potentially allowing his salary to clear from the Heat’s cap in February.