Not only has Amin Elhassan resigned from his post of Heat Island Governor, but the ESPN NBA analyst continues to distance himself from the Miami Heat as much as possible.

In a recent Heat preview on ESPN Insider, the same one where Tom Haberstroh proffered a swap of Goran Dragic for Rudy Gay, Elhassan shared his pessimistic view of Pat Riley’s crew this season.

2. Besides the status of Bosh, what is the biggest issue facing the Heat this season?

Elhassan: Short answer? Talent. This team isn’t very good. Long answer? Two major areas of concern will be perimeter shooting and the rotation at power forward. The Heat are incredibly thin, with a list of also-rans masquerading at the 4 spot, but then again, they’ve carved a niche for themselves as the land of reclamation projects, so perhaps they feel they can get 48 solid minutes out of Derrick Williams, James Johnson and Josh McRoberts.

Elhassan might be mistaking talent with depth. This Heat squad is young and talented with a core comprised of Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside, Justise Winslow, Josh Richardson, and Tyler Johnson, it’s just they’re thin depth-wise, especially in the frontcourt.

His concern at power forward is fair, however I expect a nice dose of Winslow in that spot during crunch time, where he not only has the ability to defend bigger players but will have an easier time offensively with a quickness advantage, attacking bigs off the bounce and in the open court.

When asked what trade makes the most sense for the Heat, Elhassan continnued to take swipes at the talent of Erik Spoelstra’s roster.

Let me be blunt — ain’t no trade helping this team,” he wrote. “Due to pick obligations, the draft pick inventory for the Heat is pretty bare, making an asset haul worth attracting real talent difficult to put together. On the other hand, Miami does have a couple of players they could deal for picks, but not of the highest caliber of return. Basically, status quo might be the best plan of action here.”

Heat Island is a lonely place in the post Big Three Era.

Amin, just remember, those who depart Heat Island are never welcome back.