What seems like 90 percent of the fan base and a large chunk of the Miami media are ready to move on from Ryan Tannehill after the season.

But Cian Fahey of Football Ousiders and Bleacher Report, who has been an ardent supporter of Tannehill in the past, regards the Miami Dolphins’ QB much higher than the average fan, or even analyst.

“He’s really good,” Cian Fahey said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz this week (33 minute mark). “The problem with Ryan Tannehill… everyone wants to judge him on the passing game as a whole and you can’t name a single Dolphins receiver or offensive lineman who has left Miami and gone on to play well elsewhere because he’s never had good receivers. He’s never had a good offensive line. And you look at two weeks ago when the backup linemen were in… you can probably fault him for one, maybe two [sacks] but when you look at the All 22 [game film] and you see the end zone angle, you see the receivers downfield, he’s got no option. If no one’s open and the pressure comes in and the pocket’s closing from three or four directions, what is he expected to do?”

How good is he?

“Well he’s not in that top tier where you’ve got guys like Phillip Rivers, and Tony Romo and Brady and Rodgers and Newton and Brees, so in those top seven, eight quarterbacks. I would put him in that next tier where you have Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Sam Bradford, guys who would be considered stars if they played on really good offenses.”


Fahey did later clarify that he thinks Luck and Wilson are better than Tannehill.

“The main criticism of Tannehill is that he has no pocket presence but really what we tend to do is guys with bad offensive lines, we say they have no pocket presence, guys with good offensive lines we say are fine,” he said. “Nobody criticizes Andy Dalton’s pocket presence of Derek Carr’s pocket presence because they have great offensive lines even though they’re worse in the pocket than Tannehill is… For me, Tannehill is very accurate, makes very good decisions, and throws the ball well, really well actually it’s just the receivers aren’t all that good. On Sunday he lost three touchdowns to receiver error and to me he just needs a better supporting cast.”

It’s hard to argue because it’s abundantly clear Fahey really knows his stuff. Football is a game comprised of so many different variables and it’s often very difficult to judge the impact of one player in a sport where 22 roam the field at one time. This isn’t golf where you can analyze an athlete completely in isolation.

While I don’t think Tannehill is as bad as many suspect he is, I never considered him to be on the same level of Luck and Wilson, and more so in the 11-15 range of NFL passers. Instinctually, he seems a tier below those two at least, but it’s often hard to tell with how often he’s pressured.

Maybe we all have Ryan Tannehill all wrong.