The sun doesn’t shine much on Heat Island anymore, with the place of refuge for hardcore Miami Heat supporters looking more and more barren with every NBA analyst’s prediction of either failure or tanking this upcoming season.

However, one colossal name in sports media who notoriously rooted against the Heat in the past just courageously booked a one-way ticket.

Former ESPN columnist and current Ringer boss Bill Simmons appears to be all-in on this young, exciting Heat squad in Year 1 of the post-Dwyane Wade Era.

In his latest podcast talking over/unders across the league (about 51-minute mark), Simmons alluded to Wade’s loss being overblown, how he wasn’t a great mix with Goran Dragic, that he “stopped playing defense three years ago,” and how Josh Richardson’s three-point shooting and defense should fit in nicely in Wade’s former role.

“There’s a lot of ‘nobody believes in us’ with this young Miami team,” Simmons said. “It’s a fun team. I kinda like their team. I think 35 is too low, I’m going over.

“I have them as a six seed right now. I can’t belive I’m saying that. Listen, there’s gonna be a whacky team that ends up in the Eastern playoffs. It’s gonna happen. If you’re picking whacky, you gotta go with Orlando, Milwaukee or Miami… I like the Richardson/Winslow combo. I believe in that combo. I think they’re gonna be pretty good. I think this team is gonna be good defensively. I think they’re gonna be a pain in the ass to play.”

I concur.

Now if the Heat rises into the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race, there’s no question Simmons could pull another 180 if he feels the Heat will threaten his beloved Boston Celtics. But at this point we’re going to welcome him to Heat Island and make his stay as accommodating as possible.

ESPN’s Amin Elhassan, Heat Island’s Governor last season, announced his abrupt departure a few days ago.

Simmons appears to be the sole big-name national media member riding with the Heat this season.

Update: It was all a reverse jinx, as he admitted later on the podcast. Because of course.