Ryan Tannehill is a “personality-devoid choker,” according to Miami gossip writer Jose Lambiet, who runs the Gossip Extra website and writes for the Miami Herald.

His attack came within a column citing examples for why the NFL’s ratings are down, referring to Tom Brady as “a cheater!” and Ben Roethlisberger “a rapist!” Lambiet’s argument for the decline in interest stems from the NFL having a lack of suitable role models…

“Can you cite one, one single NFL star who’s a decent, nice, polite, commendable, humble role model?

Can you cite one football prodigy likable enough for you to sit down to watch?

Neither can I.

New England Patriot Tom Brady? Cheater!

Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Rothlisberger? Rapist!

Miami Dolphin Ryan Tannehill? Personality-devoid choker!

New York Giant Jason Pierre-Paul? Dumbass!

Carolina Panther Cam Newton? Showboat!

Giant kicker Josh Brown? Wife beater!

Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson? Child beater!”

That argument is nonsense. Humility does not breed interest, not with this barbaric sport. If anything, more showboating and cocky quotes could do the NFL a favor.

The declining ratings — which still dominant other sports — are more likely a combination of a crappy product (many of the national games have been terrible) along with people consuming less television (more streaming), the ability to follow the league without watching live (fantasy football apps, box scores, Red Zone, etc), and oversaturation (PLEASE kill Thursday Night Football).

Tannehill is boring of course in interviews but NFL quarterbacks are predominantly “personality-devoid” by design — it’s quarterback speak so as not to provide anyone with bulletin-board material.

I get the gossip site is scandalous in nature but Lambiet should stay in his lane.