Hassan Whiteside did what any 27-year-old Miamian would do after signing a contract worth a guaranteed $98 million: He bought himself a dope new house on Miami Beach that cost just over $7 million.

Within this contemporary waterfront stunner with awesome views and six bedrooms is a sweet list of amenities. We’re going to track the list, growing by the day as evidenced by his social media accounts, and update it as he buys more fun stuff and inevitablly Tweets, Instagrams, or Snapchats about it.

So far, this is what we have (starting with the latest) for the big fella, who is averaging 20, 14, and 3 thus far amid a stifling start to the season.

Hassan’s toys

An incredible hot tub with a bay view:

You know how far we came if you know where we been #imfromthebottom

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A Pool table inscribed with his initials and number:

A huge fish tank because one of his hobbies is fish:

An 80-inch flat screen:

There’s also a retractable TV in his backyard above the hot tub that folds up into the ceiling.

We’re still hunting for an image/video of that though.

This list will update as Hassan updates