As Mario Chalmers inches closer to an NBA comeback after rupturing his achilles last March, the free agent point guard with two championships to his name has made it clear he prefers to return to the Miami Heat and will do as an MVP candidate.

“I’m the missing piece,” Chalmers says in a private South Florida gym, while sipping on mojitos in between rounds of jumpers. “I’m exactly the type of player Miami needs with Dwyane [Wade], LeBron [James], and Chris [Bosh] no longer in the picture to lead them back the glory days. I’ve been busting ass and ripping nets for two months now. The leg feels solid. The hair is on point. I’m going to have an MVP season.”

Chalmers has never showed a deficiency of swagger, often times trying to do too much during the LeBron Era only to be the regular recipient of not only his coach’s wrath but that of his superstar teammates.

“They yelled at me all the time because they saw the unreal potential, man,” Chalmers says, reflecting on his time as the starting point guard on a back-to-back champion. “I’m going to start in the All-Star Game this year without question. My shooting is going to be lights out, my passing bringing back memories of John Stockton. That was one sneaky good white dude! Nobody and I mean nobody can stop Rio when he’s in attack mode. I got this.”

Asked what makes him thing he can suddenly be an MVP candidate after a career of averaging 9.0 points and 3.8 assists, and Almario grins.

“After surgery I wasn’t able to move around much, stuck on the couch for weeks,” he says. “So I popped in 2K and went to work, putting up three straight seasons of Mario Chalmers averaging 35 points. It was NUTS. I was unstoppable. I don’t see why this video game version of myself can’t become reality. They base the ratings off real life, no?

“I was taught to dream big and live life to the max, and whoever signs me is going to see that the superstar within me finally come out. Hopefully it’s Miami.”

Asked how many shots he needed to take in the popular NBA video game to reach that 35-point average and Rio looked confused.

“Like 40 or 50 something,” he responded. “Why’s that matter, though? 35 points is 35 points. Don’t doubt me. Only fools doubt me.”

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