It appears Miami Marlins fans — the few that remain — could have their greatest dream come true in the near future: a new owner.

The Boston Globe reports an investment firm run by Mitt Romney and his son “made an attempt to purchase the Miami Marlins,” giving the former Republican Presidential candidate “a top role” in running the franchise currently owned by the despicable Jeffrey Loria.

Solamere Capital, a Boston-based firm that Mitt Romney has been closely associated with, over the past several weeks has shown increasing interest in owning the team.

But it appears the deal fell through.

“We [had] been looking at the Marlins on behalf of some of the families that are a part of Solamere,” said Matt Waldrip, who works in business development and external affairs at Solamere. He indicated the transaction almost certainly was not moving forward.

What a shame. Anyone, and I mean anyone, would have been an upgrade to Loria, who continues to keep this franchise among the lowest spending teams in baseball.

He also donated a six-figure check to Donald Trump’s campaign, which is the least surprising thing ever and just the latest page in an encyclopedia of reasons to boycott the team.

Waldrip said that Mitt Romney — who sits on the firm’s investment committee — was involved in the decision-making over the purchase, but he was not at the forefront of it. Talks about bidding on the team were occurring before last week’s election in which Donald Trump — whose candidacy Romney strongly opposed — won the presidency.

“Mitt Romney is associated with the firm but he’s not leading the charge on this by any stretch of the imagination,” Waldrip said.

Considering the author says the deal was being “considered” over the course of a few weeks, this would suggest the team is for sale — at the right price. This should make Miami sports fans hopeful.

Who’s going to step up and drive Loria out of town?

Micky Arison, we’re looking at you.