There’s no disputing the Miami Dolphins have been blessed with some serious luck amid their five-game winning streak, currently sitting at 6-4 and one game back of the No. 6 seed.

With a point differential of a highly mediocre plus-2 there’s no disputing they’re closer to average than contender, with their recent surge not holding up well under scrutiny, as Bill Barnwell informs us.

There’s also no disputing that for all the advanced metrics painting a picture of a lucky, mediocre football team, the fact these Dolphins are even in the playoff picture is incredible considering just how putrid this roster looked from a talent standpoint at the beginning of the season.

I’ll admit I’ve been on Dan Le Batard’s side of the fence in placing limits on how far this team can go and that we should measure expectations accordingly. How they don’t have enough talent, with glaring holes up front (after injuries) and in the secondary. How even if they make the playoffs, they’re going to get whooped. How this team is not as good as their record implies.

Enough! I’m done looking at them through this numerical prism, especially concerning a team that has perpetually kicked in the teeth of its fans for the better part of two decades.

Sports fandom, especially in football, is not about rational thought. It’s about hope. Why else do Browns fans still exist in 2016? Sports fandom, more than anything, is supposed to be fun. And pissing on a team amid a five-game winning streak, no matter how logical according to the advanced metrics, is not fun — it’s a serious buzz kill.

I’m done rolling my eyes over the Dolphins’ successes no matter how minuscule they may appear to be when looking at it through an analytical lens. This is especially the case in such an unpredictable sport fueled by many variables.

Although the Dolphins are unlikely to do much damage in the playoffs if they get there, we have no clue what the future holds.

Tom Brady could tear his labrum playing fetch with the dog this week, opening up the entire conference while showing karma is a bitch towards Trump-supporting cheaters. One could hope. Ryan Tannehill and Devonte Parker could’ve turned the corner on their relationship, presenting the league with one of its most lethal QB-WR combinations. One could hope. Adam Gase could be a quarterback whisperer. One could hope.

Instead of poopooing their wins in illustrating why this 6-4 Miami Dolphins team will surely fail, let’s strap in and enjoy the ride because for the first time in 15 years hope is in the air. Let it flow.