The Miami Dolphins are winners of six in a row, Donald Trump is set to be our next president, and I no longer know up from down.

Either Adam Gase made a legitimate sacrifice to the football gods and the franchise has put its years of ineptitude in the past or we’re getting toyed with, building the hope to skyscraper heights before that final, mind-numbing kick in the nether regions in the final week of the season.

Ryan Tannehill looks like a very poor man’s Marino and they just may have one of the best packages of skill-position players in all of football with Jay Ajayi pummeling defenses on the ground, Jarvis Landry carving them in the slot, and Devonte Parker wrecking havoc down the field.

But the ceiling for how far this team will go if they do make the postseason — did you know they’re in the playoffs if the season ended today? — comes down to No. 17, Ryan Timothy Tannehill, who played receiver in college in case you didn’t know.

We’re all wondering the same thing: Is Ryan Tannehill elite?

Only one way to find out… live chat sessions across various shopping websites, the same strategy we deployed in trying to figure out whether LeBron James was going to return to Miami last summer.

Note: These live chats are real and have not been altered in any way except for piecing together

Dick’s Sporting Goods







Before you read the Walmart one, please check out the Tannehill plush doll below for context, with its bizarre and insulting likeness to Andy Dalton.





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