The Miami Dolphins have won six games in a row and Ryan Tannehill is playing some high-quality football but Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated’s The MMQB is preaching caution with the enigmatic quarterback.

“I need to see more,” Bedard said on the Joe Rose Show. “I wrote a column — and I’m sure many of your listeners know — about two months ago where I basically said Tannehill was a lost cause and not even Gase could fix him. I didn’t come to that conclusion overnight and I’m not gonna come off it overnight. I think that Gase and the defensive coordinator have done a tremendous job during this winning streak. I think that Gase especially has done a great job of managing Tannehill. He’s putting him in really good positions. I think they’ve gotten a little fortunate here during this win streak.

“Certainly Tannehill has played winning football during this streak and that’s a good start… this reminds me a lot of the Jets with Mark Sanchez. That’s a guy who took the Jets to two AFC Championship games, back-to-back years and there’s a connection with Tannenbaum and I think it’s a similar situation. I would keep investing in the quarterback position if I were them just to cover my rear end.”

Bedard pointed out how the Dolphins likely lose the Rams game if not for the fact they were facing a rookie QB in his first start.

“In some of these games he has made some ridiculous throws,” Bedard added. “There’s no question about that but there’s also no question he’s being tightly stage-managed by Adam Gase.

“Go watch the film. It’s there on film.”

I think it’s a bit extreme to say he’s being stage-managed. Good coaches, even Bill Belichick with Tom Brady, put there quarterbacks in optimal situations catered to his specific strengths.

Tannehill is no elite quarterback yet (or is he?) but has elevated his play since the start of the season and while coaching has been a part of it along with improvement from his supporting cast, he should be applauded.

I do agree, however, they should look to invest in another quarterback because you can never have too many good ones.