Cameron Wake is a specimen, not only because he’s one of the best rushers on a per-play basis in NFL history or that he has a Terminator physique but for how well he’s playing this season at age 34 after tearing his achilles last year.

This freak of nature is also quite accustomed to overcoming adversity, as indicated by him living on the floor in Canada during his CFL days before his NFL discovery.

“My first place was like a basement apartment, a studio I guess,” Wake said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “I was living on a mattress on the floor. I had one set of silverware. I rode my bike to the grocery store. Just living the dream and being able to play football was the main goal so having a really luxurious mansion wasn’t something that I was looking forward to it was just being able to get back on the field and play the game I love. I just had the bare minimum of things that I needed. No TV, no internet, none of the perks of life if you kinda take for granted now but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was being a good football player and you don’t need any of those things to make that happen.”

When Greg Cote asked Cam Wake when was the last time he faced an offensive lineman who he considered was his equal, Wake didn’t hesitate.