Sure it’s cool to make a bowl game for pride reasons because if you don’t make a bowl game in 2016, you’re a pretty terrible team considering there are approximately 120 of them.

Also pretty nice  is the bowl gift allotted to each player depending on the game, though this doesn’t come close to making up for the hundreds of millions the NCAA, the schools, and its coaches make on the backs of its unpaid collegiate athletes.

Miami Hurricanes players lucked out despite heading to Orlando for the mediocre Russell Athletic Bowl for the second time in four seasons.

Each player receives the following gift package, per the Palm Beach Post:

  • $300 Best Buy gift card
  • Watch from Timely Watch Co.
  • iSlide sandals
  • Beach towel
  • Russell Athletic pullover

Back to that the only gift that matters: the $300 Best Buy gift card.

How would you spend it? Here are some options.

An FYI: Some may not know that Best Buy has a price-match guarantee so before buying anything, hunt for cheaper prices elsewhere and they will match.


1. Bose Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones ($299)

While wearing beats may be trendy, there’s no better headphone maker on the planet than Bose, and their noise-canceling in-ear option is elite.

However, they’re $299 without tax so the player will have to pony up a few extra bills.


2. Sony Playstation 4 with Uncharted 4 ($299)

Most of these kids probably already have gaming systems but if not this is a pretty sweet deal.

Those already with PS4s or Xbox Ones, see below.


3. Seven video games ($300)

$300 worth of video games typically would get you four brand new games running $59 apiece with enough room left over for an older fifth game at a lower price point.

However, Best Buy has a buy-two-get-one-free deal which would allow you to get six new games and a seventh older one.


4. Apple Watch Series 1 ($269) 

It’s not the newest generation but if you’re in need of a watch that tracks sleep and heart rate while also connecting to your iPhone for texts, emails, and phone calls, it’s a sweet deal and will come in just under $300 with tax.


5. Samsung 40-inch LED 1080P Smart TV ($249) and a movie (varies)

Man, have high-def TVs dropped in price over the years. This is a kick-ass television for under $300, which you would have never seen five years ago.


6. The smorgasbord ($300)

Maybe you’re looking to get an array of gifts with those three benjamins.

How about the new Call of Duty ($59), Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbud Headphones ($149), and a Parrot Airborne Night SWAT Drone ($79)?