The “fraudulent” Miami Dolphins “reminded you of who they were,” according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on First Take, who curiously blamed the Dolphins’ terrible loss on Sunday on “the power of South Beach” despite the game being in Baltimore.


“Ultimately what this comes down to, and I often say this, Max — this is very very important. The power of South Beach is very very detrimental to them,” Smith said. “Now I know they’re closer to Fort Lauderdale but the point is they can get to South Beach. It’s destructive sometimes…”

When informed by his more coherent co-host Max Kellerman that the game was in Baltimore, Smith proceeded to not back down from his ridiculous take, which appears to be bred from not watching one minute of the Dolphins-Ravens game.

“Where were they during the week? They weren’t in Baltimore all week.”

The Miami Dolphins got killed on Sunday not because the players live near South Beach but because the Ravens are a much more talented team and their good luck was bound to end at some point.