Despite squeaking by the visiting Arizona Cardinals yesterday and sitting tied with the Denver Broncos for a wildcard berth, the Miami Dolphins have to be feeling a bit rattled after Ryan Tannehill reportedly suffered a season-ending torn ACL.

While Matt Moore will be expected to suit up the final three weeks as the franchise looks to crack the postseason for the first time since 2008, there’s a legend lurking, planning to make a return no one saw coming.

If this team finds a way to extend their season, it appears Dolphins legend Dan Marino, 55-year-old special adviser to the team he blessed with a Hall-of-fame career, is preparing for the ultimate comeback.

“It’s been really itching him for a while,” says the source. “He feels this is the perfect opportunity — one last chance to cement his legacy with a Super Bowl victory, something that has stained his career despite being one of the league’s most prolific passers.

“Amid the conversations about the greatest QBs ever, there’s always a ‘but he never won a Super Bowl’ asterisk when it comes to Dan and he’s fucking tired of it. He’s been mentally preparing for this moment for years. He will be their starter if they make the playoffs.

But a 55-year-old playing in the NFL?

The source insists Marino is “better than ever” from a physical standpoint.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number,” he says. “Dan, Ryan, and Matt had an accuracy competition the other day with targets placed around the field at various distances. Well not only was Dan the only one to hit every target, but he launched one ball with so much velocity it blew through the wood paneling and started a fire.

“Dan’s been doing CrossFit religiously for the last decade and as any CrossFit junkie will tell you, he feels like a god, like he’s 25 again.”

The source added that Marino looks “so much better” than Tannehill shirtless and is in better shape than at any point of playing career.

Marino received owner Stephen Ross’ blessing after speaking over stone crabs at Joe’s last night. The Dolphins owner intends to inform Adam Gase of the plan this morning and Ross is confident the coach will eventually come around on the idea of throwing the 55-year-old in there.

As many have learned over the years, what Marino wants, Marino usually gets.