Days after getting benched by Erik Spoelstra and Hassan Whiteside received an underwhelming critique from an NBA team’s lead scout, per the Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman.

“I’m preparing for the game in Chicago, a scout is sitting a couple of seats down from me,” Winderman said on the Big O Show. “And he turns around to me — we’re talking about a couple Heat players — and he goes, ‘Whiteside, the kid has no motor,’ and O, that is the ultimate inditement you can give of a player in Hassan Whiteside’s role, that an outside team, a scout, a leading scout, believes you don’t have the motor to push through during a season.

“The last thing you ever want to hear anybody in the NBA say about you is you don’t have a high motor because with Hassan Whiteside you have to be a high-motor player because. So I think every time that motor is not revving you make a statement because this is the year you learn your lessons for when you’re playing in the playoffs down the road.”

Whiteside’s benching came early in the third quarter against the Cavs after the following play.

While he could have been more aggressive, his teammates should’ve helped when he held on an attacking LeBron. However, the previous few plays showed some energy lapses for Whiteside, who gave up an offensive board due to poor technique.

To say he has “no motor” is too extreme.

It’s definitely a concern going forward for a $98 million player who happens to be the most talented guy on his team. But I think it’s a bit overstated on a roster filled with injuries and talent deficiencies. When his best wings aren’t out there, it puts a ton of pressure on him to do just about everything defensively.

That said, there’s no question Whiteside’s energy could be better and more consistent. Losing sucks and is draining but he’s a professional among the league’s highest paid players. He should act like it at all times.