Update (12/13 at 8:43 pm): Jeffrey has canceled the number and had an interaction with a Deadspin reporter. For all those who called or texted, well done.

Earlier today we posted a hater’s guide to obscure Miami sports memorabilia and among the slew of bizarre and never-gonna-sell items is a Jeffrey Loria business card signed by the Miami Marlins’ owner, which will run you $54.99 if you “buy it now” on Ebay.

Yet that is not the weirdest part. As a tweeter informed us, one of the numbers on that card is indeed connected to his active cell phone. Call the number, let it ring, and you’ll hear Jeffrey’s evil voice, either in present life or in the form of a recorded voicemail message.

Do you not appreciate his way of running things? By all means give him your thoughts.

Are you pissed he donated hundreds of thousands to Donald Trump’s campaign while he penny pinches his baseball team at the cost of its fans? Provide him with some constructive criticism.

I’m sure Jeffrey would love to hear your views because as his customer, you are his top priority, right?

SO Marlins.

Jeffrey loria cell phone